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Welcome to the light sport page.

We have a Light Sport Flying Club and you can earn your Sport Pilot Certificate here with us.

You can get your Sport Pilot Certificate in as little as 20 hours.

We are also a Challenger Dealer for the SouthWest Michigan area and have equipment to install Floats and Snow skis to Challenger and other Light Sport Aircraft.

Challenger II Light Sport Aircraft


We now offer Light Sport training in Kalamazoo! Please call us 269-350-4359 if you are interested in learning more about Sport Pilot training. Training costs are estimated at approximately $3300 plus examiners fee of $300 (paid directly to examiner). The sport pilot rating minimum flight time is 20 hours.

Options for Flying a Challenger

You can learn to fly in your own aircraft if you choose to purchase new. We can assist with assembly of your new challenger.

You could also purchase a used aircraft. We can assist with locating and inspecting a subject aircraft you might be interested in. We also have ways of contacting other owners who would like to share in ownership of their aircraft. If you have interest in this please call or leave a comment on this page.

Why Use a Challenger II

The challenger II is one of the most versatile aircraft in its class, it has low aquistion costs, it is economical to operate, and its reputation is proven. It can be equipped with amphibious floats, snow skis and wheels.

Our Take on Sport Pilot Regulation

Sport Pilot regulations were unveiled in 2004 and were designed to reivigorate aviation at the grass roots, however many of the new sport planes cost as much as $125,000.00 (well equipped) which puts them out of reach of the average person. You could by a nice house for that kind of money. The Challenger is priced like a new car. We have focused on the Challenger due to its reputation, manufacturer support, large number of aircraft flying, active pilot groups on the internet, and safety features such as an airframe parachute.   We also believe that the Challenger embodies the intent of the sport pilot regulation, which is to make safe flying more affordable. A NEW well equipped Challenger is approximately$24,000.00!  Plus its a heck of alot of fun! To learn more about the Challenger visit these links, then come see us to see one for yourself.

8 Responses to “Light Sport”

  1. john vandermolen says:

    So, as a challenger dealer, do you sell and service kits or do you sell ready to go planes?

  2. admin says:

    Yes we can help with anything to do with Challenger

  3. Patrick says:

    Is the Challenger available for rental? If so, what are the rates? I have a Private SEL with an Instrument Rating. What would it take for me to rent this plane?

  4. admin says:

    Thanks for commenting. Since this is an E-LSA airplane it can never be rented, instead what we are doing is collecting names of people interested and hoping they will make a small investment and jointly buy an airplane to share. We can provide training, just cannot rent a like this for solo or rental operations.

  5. Malcolm says:

    Stopped by to check out the website. Looking forward to working with you. It should prove to be an interesting project.
    I am currently flying with a friend who owns a challenger II. He had a stroke some years ago and is just getting back in the sky. The Challenger is a placid aircraft, and is working well in this situation
    My wife owns a Rans S12 that we use as a club plane. We have flown 11 members this year.
    I own a Kitfox II taildragger, which we keep exclusively for our own flying pleasure. Blue skies & keep it wheel side down.

  6. Matthew says:

    Can one be used simply for training to get the sport pilot license, without having to buy one? Due to personal finances(and depending on rates), it may be possible for me to afford training, but not currently the cost of buying a plane.

    Thanks for any answer.

  7. admin says:

    Its just the way it is with Experimental Light Sport aircraft. They cannot be rented out. You also should look further down the road and consider what you will fly after getting certificated? After training you’ll want to and need to fly something regularly to keep your skills sharp.

    A co-ownership should also be considered, it would be much less than sole ownership and give you access to an airplane to fly. We can assist you find co-owners to share a Challenger Aircraft. Either way, wether you rent SLSA or co own an ELSA the costs are going to be close to the same.

    Please feel free email to discuss this further or make an appointment to see us. Thanks for your inquiry.

  8. Matthew says:

    Thank you, I will be emailing some further questions.

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